Chrysanthemum - Kevin Henkes

Chrysanthemum is a book about a young mouse that loves her name and thinks it is very special. She starts school and during role call the other children giggled at the sound of her name. Chrysanthemum had always been very proud of her name and is shocked when her classmates do not like it. She has a tough time with the constant teasing from her classmates until she meets the new music teacher, Mrs. Delphinium. Mrs. Delphinium took up for Chrysanthemum in front of the entire class and afterwards, the class was encouraging and said they loved her name! 

This could be a fun book to read at the beginning of the year and have the students do activities about their name prior to reading. Not only would learning about their names be interesting but this book could also be used to encourage students to be nice to one another and that words hurt. 


Grades K-2

Lexile 570L

Accelerated Reader 3.3