First Day of School

First Day Jitters - Julie Danneberg, Judy Love

First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg is a great book to read on the first day of school. Sarah Hartwell is the main character and in this book she is nervous about her first day of school. Mr. Hartwell gives Sarah the push that she needs to get up and go to school. Once she arrives, the reader is shocked to find out that Sarah is actually the teacher! This book could be used as a great ice breaker on the first day. When the students hear that their teachers get nervous too, I think they will feel just a little more comfortable and at ease in the classroom. After reading, I would have the students turn and talk to their neighbor about what they are the most nervous about for the first day. After their discussion, I would have them take out their writing journal and write 3-4 sentences about their own feelings. 


Grades 2nd-5th

Lexile AD520L

Accelerated Reader Level 2.4