Hooray for Reading Day!

Hooray for Reading Day! - Margery Cuyler, Arthur Howard

Jessica has a hard time reading and it is becoming a problem at school. She is asked to read aloud many times and gets very nervous and stumbles over her words. When everyone in the class is assigned to read aloud in front of the class and guests, Jessica becomes overwhelmed and nervous. She goes home and practices reading to her dog, Wiggles. Jessica continues to practice and when it is her time to read...she NAILS IT! She is so relieved and proud of herself. 

I would read this book to my class to show that everyone gets nervous and has moments when they are not 100% confident. Jessica's struggle could be relatable to other students and show them that with practice and consistency they can also achieve their goals. Students could write about a time they were nervous about something and explain how they overcome it. 


Grade K-2

Book Level

Lexile AD380L

Accelerated Reader 2.4