Coming to America: The Story of Immigration

Coming to America : The Story of Immigration - Betsy Maestro, Suzanne Ryan

This book tells about the story of immigration and how many people came to America to live a better life. It describes the first time the government opened Ellis Island and the young girl that was the first person to come through that port, Annie Moore. The book also mentions the United States as a melting pot because of the many different kinds of people that now live here. 

This would be a great book to introduce the term immigration and then the teacher could have the students learn about their own family history. This could become a project where the students present their findings to the class. This would allow the students in the class to see the history behind everyone else in the class and try to understand each other a little more. 


Grade 3-5

Book Level:

Lexile AD890L

Accelerated Reader 5.9